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        【試航試驗】”海巡0693“順利試航     DATE: 2020-08-23     作者:海新經營部 張樹陽


        Successful Sea Trial of 40M B-type Coastal Patrol Boat (MV“Haixun 0693”) for Jiangsu Maritime Safety Bureau

               On August 21, 2020, one newbuilding unit of 40M B-type Coastal Patrol Boat (MV“Haixun 0693”) for Jiangsu Maritime Safety Bureau by Jiangsu Haixin Shipping Heavy Industry Co., Ltd safely returned back to shipyard’s wharf after one-day’s successful sea trail.The performance and of the boat e.g. speed, steering, noise, vibration, revolution diameter etc all have been verified as being in compliance with or exceed the designing requirement and approved to be a completely successful sea trail, which set up a solid foundation for the readiness for delivery of the boat by the end of September.
               The boat is designed as raked stem, single bottom, throughout deck single hull, round bilge knuckling line, B-level Ice Class strengthened hull; one engine room; double diesel engines, double shafts, double rudders and double propellers’ driven with fully air-conditioned living quarter and working cabinets mainly for patrolling, supervising and emergency task in way of important waterways, island port and relevant nearby waters.
               The trial speed and cruise speed under condition of 1900r/min output of two propulsion diesels engines on calm, deep open sea and laden draught with wind velocity not exceeding Beaufort No.3 and Sea scale not exceeding No.2 is about 18 Knots and 16 knots respectively. 


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