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        【國家獎項】國家科技進步特等獎     DATE: 2020-01-10     作者:江蘇海新船務重工

        Glad Tidings – Outstanding Winner in 2019 National Award for Science and Technology Progress

                江蘇海新船務重工有限公司、江蘇海宏建設工程有限公司參與合作完成的“海上大型絞吸疏浚裝備的自主研發與產業化”獲2019年度國家科學技術進步獎特等獎 。該項目由上海交大船舶海洋與建筑工程學院譚家華教授等完成,獲國家科技進步特等獎。
               The “Independent Development and Industrialization of Large Scale Marine Cutter-Suction Dredger” project jointly participated by both Jiangsu Haixin Shipping Heavy Industries Co., Ltd and Jiangsu Haihong Construction Engineering Co., Ltd was awarded with Outstanding Winner of National Award for Science and Technology Progress in 2019. This project was headed by Professor Tan Jiahua from School of Naval Architecture, Ocean and Civil Engineering of Shanghai Jiaotong University.

                The dredgers had been relied on imported vessel for quite long time despite of enormous excavating demand in domestic market. Now more than 60 units of big scale cutter suction dredger with annual dredging capacity of 1 billion and annual output value of RMB 10 billion by applying the design developed by the project team under the leader of Professor Tan Jiahua have been built, which has become the principal force in Chinese dredging industry with the remarkable Chinese Speed and multiple World records in the projects of “Ports’ Building of the Belt and Road”, infrastructure construction and channel dredging, created notable social and benefits and played irreplaceable role in the respects of building a strong maritime nation, preserve national sovereignty and advancing national strategy etc. 


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