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        Hainxin Shipyard to be a Member of CANSI     DATE: 2016-12-25     The author:未知

        News report from official website of China Association of the National Shipbuilding Industry announcedthat a list of new members was officially announced in the Second Session of the Fifth Association Council Meeting which held on October 9th.  Experts predicted that 300 shipyards in China Shipbuilding Industry would be transformed into 30 in the process of survival of the fittest. The shipbuilding industry expressed their appreciation for the boldness of haixinshipyard, who participated in the Shipbuilding Association at this special environment.

        By adhering to the state-level Haimen ETDZ and occupying the regional advantage of “Yangtze River Delta”, under the lead of Chairman Mr.MengXianhong, HX shipyard devoted themselves to the shipbuilding business and the bright future of corporation.Particularly since 2014, Haixin shipyard has entered into a stable development stage. Currently our production linesare extremely busy and a series of new ships start to commence as scheduled. Attracted by the boundless potential business and development opportunities provided by Haixinshipyard, high-end clients are waiting for the advance delivery of new ships, graduates are waiting in line for the interview, and suppliers are eager to participate in the process of bidding.

        Now Haixin shipyard develops fast as radiant as sunglow, of which the outstanding achievements have brought about a new hope for the transformation and upgrading of shipbuilding industry which suffers from an embarrassing difficulty in acquiring orders, normally operating and on-scheduled delivering.
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