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        2011 new employee report     DATE: 2017-03-06     The author:未知

        On July 17, 2011, new staff registers of Haixin HI began on the second floor of the office building. Although nonstop raining from the morning, it can’t stop the pace of the students’coming. The company also specially set a receive point at Jiangxinsha Farm, to welcome the new employees. With the arrival of the forerunner of the new staffs, the quiet office building suddenly excited, colleagues from the Personnel Department began to busy: filling out the entry form and payment of labor protection supplies. Haixin HI enrolled over 100 graduates from the universities all over the country.
        On July 16, new employees was arranged to visit the Jiangsu Hantong Ship Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. The tall berth, magnificent plant, perfectly interpreted the meaning of "Heavy Industry". The new employees excitedly visited the hull shop, the paint shop, the wharf, and listened to the explanation. Next, the students went to the sixth floor of the administrative office to watch the videos and listen to the introduction of HTS’s production and business management. It is reported that some of these new employees will be assigned to HTS for a three-month practice.
        In the morning of July 17, a pre-job training was arranged for the new employees. The training included four aspects: general situation and development prospects of the company, the yard planning and major equipments, the company's organizational structure and duty of departments, staff facilities and three-level safety education.
        In the afternoon, the senior and new employees welcome meeting was held at the tenth floor of the office building. More than 100 new employees introduced themselves one by one. The arrival of them filled the company with new vitality and vigor. Senior staffs warmly welcome the arrival of the new staffs, according to their own experiences of working and living in Haixin HI, they encourage new staffs to work hard and practically, and enjoy their life. The leaders and heads of departments also gave new employees a lot of encouragement. In summary of the meeting, the general manager Meng encouraged employees to fight for their dreams, to meet the challenges of working with positive attitude, work for the company with "endurance and loyalness".
        Followed by was a welcome party for the new staffs to show their own charm and style. The fashion show performed by pretty boys and girls gained everyone's favorite by the music coupled with the graceful platform steps. Finally, the general manager Meng’s song “working hard can be win”, won the applause of everyone.
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