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    【Contract Signing Ceremony】 60m Ferry     DATE: 2020-04-08     The author:海新船務經營部

    Contract Signing Ceremony of 60M Vehicle-Passenger Ferry for Changshu Tongda Changjiang Ferry Co., Ltd (“CHANGTONG”)

            In the morning of April 8, 2020, the Contract Signing Ceremony of one 60M ASD Vehicle-Passenger Ferry was held at 7th Floor Conference Room of Jiangsu Haixin Shipping Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. (“HAIXIN”) between HAIXIN and Changshu Tongda Changjiang Ferry Co., Ltd.


            The Ferry is designed as a bow-stern symmetry, double bow, single bottom, single deck, double sides, Main Engine midship located, longitudinal-through midbridge house type, knuckle lines, left front and right rear located rudder propellers. No turning is necessary either bow or stern ashored. The Main Particulars of the Ferry: Lmax: 90.010M; Loa: 60.000M; Bm:15.900M; Maximum Deadweight: ~470T; Design Speed: ~18.5kn/h; Rated Passenger: 125P. The completeness of this ferry will be a benchmark in Changjiang Basin among those ferry wharfs thanks to its adoption of green material, energy saving and low consumption equipment & advanced workmanship. 
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