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    Steel Cutting of 60m ferries     DATE: 2019-12-14     The author:江蘇海新船務重工

    Steel Cutting Ceremony for two units of 60m ferries  

            On 14th,DEC. 2019 8:18 am, Mr. Bao Shengli/CEO of Haimen Haitai Ferry Co., LTD. And Mr. Yu Yunqi/Managing Director of Jiangsu Haixin Shipping Heavy Industry Co., LTD. pressed the start button of two plasma steel cutting lines for the two units of 60m ferries at the same time.

            This project is of great significance to the establishment of a long-term cooperative relationship between the two parties. Haixin heavy industry will try its best to complete the construction of the twin ferries in a safe, high-quality, rapid and successful manner.
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